Cargo Tracking


Track your shipments with online tracking tools from Diligent Whether it's a single envelope or several pallets of freight, keep tabs on your shipments here.

Shipping & Transport Services


In addition to our organisationa��sA�multipurpose RO/RO, ContainerA�and Cruise Vessels, our Company represents many other Shipping LinesA�from different sectors such as:A� Ro/Ro and Container Ships,A�Cruise Vessels, Yachts,A�Bulk Carriers, and Tankers,

Our services include:

  • Shipping Agency / Port operations / Stevedoring services
  • Shipa��s provisions and supplies
  • Freight ForwardingA� a�� global network support
  • Customs clearing
  • Transport services
  • Warehousing & Logistics
  • International Road Transport (TIR)
  • Oil and Gas logistics
  • Marine cargo Insurance
  • Cruise vessels and Yachts